Building a Community Venture Studio for Ecosystem Development

Community Experience Ventures was founded to develop connected ecosystems by working with community leaders on engagements, sustainability, and intentional growth for their members and staff.

Our Vision

To make connected communities a universal goal to foster shared human experiences.

Our Mission

We aim to be the catalyst for organizations that want to build and scale intentional communities.

Our Process

We research, strategize, and provide the insight, tools, structures and resources needed for organizations to be more intentional about building their community experiences.


Community Blueprinting

A tailored strategy for each community, identifying its unique needs, goals, and metrics for success. It's the roadmap that guides all subsequent actions, ensuring that each community has a clear direction and purpose

Community Experience

Actively involving all stakeholders, from community members to potential investors in the development process.

Resource & Team Building

Assemble specialized teams and allocate resources like funding, technology, and mentorship for each community. This ensures that each community has the human and material resources it needs to thrive.

Data-Driven Optimization

Continuously monitor key performance indicators (KPI's) and use data analytics to refine community strategies.

Ecosystem Synergy

Facilitate interactions and collaborations between the different communities under the studio's umbrella. This creates a vibrant ecosystem where communities can share resources, knowledge, and opportunities.

Technology & Infrastructure

Implement technology solutions that facilitate community engagement, data collection, and analytics. This creates a scalable infrastructure that can adapt as the community grows.

Our Culture of Strengths

In community building, rather than focusing on our deficiencies and weaknesses, which will most likely not go away, we gain more leverage when we focus on the gifts we bring, and seek ways to capitalize on them.

We are deeply committed to a strengths-based approach in all aspects of our work. We believe that leveraging the unique strengths of each individual within our organization creates a culture of empowerment, collaboration, and resilience.

It's an approach that extends to our community-building initiatives, empowering leaders to utilize their unique gifts and perspectives to create more authentic, impactful, and sustainable communities.


Increased Profits


Lower Attrition


Increased Sales


Higher Customer Engagement



Our community includes community leaders from different backgrounds that lead Corporate ERG groups, Non-Profit and For-Profit communities, and economic development initiatives all across the U.S. We bring decades of diverse experiences to support our portfolio.

Community Service

We dedicate a portion of our time working on pro-bono community programs and projects for non-profit organizations.


Our mastermind group helps keep each other accountable for our community growth. Creating a safe and tactical space to help support the trials and tribulations of running a community.

Sustainable Impact

We are focused on generating a cROI – community focused return on investment. Communities need to be sustainable from the start and we make it happen.